We handle the imports & exports of some of the most gobsmackingly good beers

Craft beers, now available in Belgium

Gobsmack is a Belgian-based importer and wholesaler of some of the most gobsmackingly good beers you can imagine.

The international craft beer movement has generated some wonderful beers that earn a place among the best the Belgian beer world has to offer. Currently we stock around 15 brands, like Mikkeller, To Øl, The Flying Dutchman, Poppels and WarPigs – brewers that are highly rated among craft beer enthusiasts.

We offer our products to retailers, bars and restaurants. You can also find us at selected beer and food events. We pride ourselves in our top service, tailored advice, monthly novelties and fast delivery.

Kristof Tack

loves beer and spirits

Graduated as a Master in Industrial Engineering with a major in Biochemistry and spent a good part of his career in microbiology labs. It was only later that he discovered a passion for flavour. First in whisky, later in beer. He cut his teeth in the beer business under the wings of The Whiskyman. Now the gob in Gobsmack.

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