When two front-runners like 3Floyds and Mikkeller team up, it means there are no compromises made on anything.

Together they built Warpigs from scratch, a brewpub in a former abattoir in Copenhagen’s Meatpacking district. At one end of the room there is the brewing gear, in the other end people queue for top authentic Texas Barbecue. In no time this concept became a phenomena, a must-visit for foodies and beer geeks visiting Copenhagen.

On a regular basis, head brewer Kyle Wolak and assistant Lan Xin Foo welcome guest brewers and artists from all over the world to create new beers together. Everything that can be manually operated on this scale is in fact done manually. This gives the brewers the opportunity to refine the beers down to the smallest details. Most of the beer is consumed on site. Only a very small part ever leaves Warpigs.

It’s with great pride that Gobsmack can offer a range of Warpigs beers that only few distributors in the world have access to. Warpigs beer is only available in kegs. Bottles you say? We’re working on it!

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