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Nevel Artisan Ales

Nijmegen, The Netherlands

Who? Nevel is a brewery from Nijmegen that focuses on all things wild. Whether it concerns fermentation or wild ingredients that are picked straight from nature: Nevel has a clear vision and does not deviate an inch from it. One of the most fanatical projects we’ve ever seen.

Why us? Usually Nevel is not really something for most beer geeks, but in gastronomy and wine bars you always make friends with really adventurous beers like this. So they tap into a completely different segment, and as a distributor that is always exciting.

Kristof’s favorite beer: “Meander, a wild blond beer with rhubarb and blackcurrant leaves at 6.1%. It won the Dutch Beer Challenge 2021 and has been named the best beer in all of the Netherlands. The fact that an organization that usually opts for ‘safe’ beers gives something like this a gold medal… that restores my confidence.”

Joos’ favorite beer: “Mijmer, a wild ale with blackcurrant and fennel seed at 5.2%. It comes close to some fruit lambics, and with the low carbonation, a beer like this can be perfectly combined with cheeses, for example. A true tasting beer.”

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