We handle the imports & distribution of some of the most gobsmackingly good beers

Craft beers, now available in Belgium

The whole is always worth more than the sum of its individual parts, or 1 + 1 = 3. We firmly believe in the principle of synergy and when we work with a brewery, we also work with the whole brewery, as a team. That is why we opt for a long and sustainable partnership with a select number of breweries, in order to always bring you – our customer – the very best.

Because we mainly deliver from our own perfectly chilled storage, you always know when to expect your delivery.

Kristof Tack

loves beer and spirits

Graduated as a Master in Industrial Engineering with a major in Biochemistry and spent a good part of his career in microbiology labs. It was only later that he discovered a passion for flavour. First in whisky, later in beer. He cut his teeth in the beer business under the wings of The Whiskyman. Now the gob in Gobsmack.

C 2019 Gobsmack

Just checking...

Oud genoeg voor bier?
Old enough for beer?
Assez vieux pour la bière?