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Dok Brewing Co / 13 Craft Pilsner

Dok Brewing Co / 13 Craft Pilsner

Ghent, Belgium

Who? Dok is a brewery and taproom on the former factory site Dok Noord in Ghent, which has now been transformed into a trendy hotspot with all kinds of shops and restaurants. Despite the fact that Dok mainly focuses on the local market, Janos manages to convince everyone with bold and, above all, delicious beers. In 2022 Dok merged with The Ministry of Belgian Beer and they now also make the fantastic Pils 13.

Why us? We have always enjoyed working with head brewer Janos, who approached us at a festival to taste one of his own beers, which he was still making at the Proefbrouwerij in Lochristi.

Kristof and Joost’s favorite beer: “Pils 13, a lager of 5.2%. It is the best lager on the Belgian market, end of discussion. So much more complexity and it barely has to cost more than a ‘big’ supermarket lager. What’s not to like?”

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