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The Flying Dutchman

Who? Ronald de Waal is a Dutchman who has been living in Finland for years. He used to work at De Raaf brewery in Heurnen, near Nijmegen. After traveling the world as a beer importer, he became a brewer. In 2021, he won World’s Best Stout at the World Beer Awards with the More Complicated Than Your Girlfriend Stout, and also World’s Best Hoppy Wheat Beer with Flip Flopped White Socked Strong Hopped White IPA. His beers also get lauded every year in the Belgian categories.

Why us? Ronald convinced us after he was allowed to brew at de Proefbrouwerij when no one else was. He makes really good beer: inventive without sacrificing quality, affordable, but above all: always consistent batch after batch.

Kristof’s favorite beer: “Rose Hipped Hibiscus Dipped Flower Power Funky Sour, a 4% kettle sour with rosehip and hibiscus. A wild combination of flavors in a delicious drinkable beer.”

Joos’ favorite beer: “Black is Black And I Want My Baby Back, a black rye IPA at 5.5%. Black IPA is not an easy style, it can quickly become too much. But with those coffee notes and the freshness of the hops, it is a real fixture in the range, just like all of Ronald’s beers.”

You also know them from:

  • Tree Hugging Wood Chopping Mother Nature Loving IPA
  • More Dry and Sour Than Your Mother in Law
  • Free Kriek Zero Point Three Feel Free Non-ABV
C 2019 Gobsmack

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