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Garage Beer

Garage Beer Co

Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain

Who? Garage is a modern craft brewery in the heart of Barcelona. They especially shine in making hoppy beers. Juicy and tropical IPAs that are wonderfully fruity, yet not too sweet. That’s what Garage does best.

Why us? Garage makes the best IPAs in Europe, there’s really no competition. With every beer it seems as if they are painting with an even finer brush. As a distributor, we obviously love to see this kind of evolution.

Kristof and Joos’ favorite beer: “TRIANGLES, a session IPA of 4.8%. Complexity with a ridiculous amount of power for very little alcohol. The beautiful label also stands head and shoulders above the rest.”

You also know them from:

  • Soup
  • Ocata
  • Runnin’ for Mayor

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