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Collective Arts

Collective Arts Brewing

Hamilton, Ontario, Canada

Who? Collective Arts hails from Ontario, Canada, and are known for their synergy between great beers and a love of all things art. Whether it’s the beautiful cans – which are designed by fans of the brewery itself – or the music played in their taproom. At Collective Arts, beer is art, nothing more and nothing less.

Why us? We started working with Collective Arts through a former sales contact at a British brewery. The fact that they not only make delicious beer, but also the way they always treat their own community with the utmost respect, sounds like music to our ears.

Kristof’s favorite beer: “IPA No. 7, a 7.1% IPA with Citra and Nelson Sauvin hops. That’s where it all started. They do something new every quarter in their numbered series, so it remains exciting for my customers as well.”

Joos’ favorite beer: “The Jam up the Mash series of fruit sours. They add different fruits every year: their latest creation features pineapple and mandarin. What they do particularly well at Collective Arts is making balanced fruit beers that don’t get too ‘soda-like’.”

You also know them from:

  • The Origin of Darkness series
  • Hazy State
  • Good Monster

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