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De Kromme Haring

Brouwerij De Kromme Haring

Utrecht, Netherlands

Who? De Kromme Haring is a successful brewery and taproom in Utrecht. They do well locally, but also have a strong international reputation. They are real nerds when it comes to fermentation, and their motto ‘the only thing we fear is shitty beer’ is music to our ears.

Why us? We’ve known founder and co-owner Gijs van Wiechen for years, and he got in touch when he was ready to start exporting beer. Wonderfully drinkable beers ‘with a twist’. In Utrecht, people hang out at the bar after work and one glass after another is ferociously quaffed. They really know what they are doing.

Kristof’s favorite beer: “Dusky, a 4% sour IPA. That beer is right in the sweet spot. With Mosaic and Amarillo hops, it gives a wonderful freshness that immediately reminds me of the spring sun.”

Joos’ favorite beer: “The barrel-aged versions of the Beluga imperial stout. The version aged on Bruichladdich whiskey barrels is so good, I bought some bottles myself to age in the cellar.”

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