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To Øl

To Øl makes potent beers, packed with flavour and character. Beers you do not easily forget (unless you just had too many). Beers with an edge and with a drive. To Øl will forever prefer quality over quantity.

Back in 2005 Tobias Emil Jensen and Tore Gynther were young lads studying at Det Fri Gymnasium – a direct democracy based high school in Copenhagen (detfri.dk) – talking to their teacher Mikkel Borg Bjergsø (Mikkeller) about the weird fact that most Danish breweries were continuously bawling about their scrap beers having been brewed for more than 100 years, rather than focusing on the actual taste and content of their brews: As if a stale lager ever has become less nauseating due to the fact that it has been brewed for over 100 years?! Tobias, Tore and Mikkel turn the school’s kitchen in to a brewing lab, and by 2010 To Øl was founded.

To Øl does contemporary beer and believes that you are never better than your last brew. Their goal is to provoke and push the boundaries of the very perception of beer. But in the end it’s the quality of the beer that should tell the most interesting story, nothing else.

Gobsmack makes a selection of about 10 beers from To Øl’s vast offering. That selection is ever changing so at every point we can offer new and existing beers in different styles and price categories..

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