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Poppels beer


Gothenburg, Sweden

Who? Poppels is one of Sweden’s best-known microbreweries and is located in the beautiful western coastal city of Gothenburg. They bring quality without advertising it: from organic ingredients to the philosophy that you should be able to drink two of every beer they make. That is what makes Poppels great in all their modesty.

Why us? What particularly charmed us is the small printed organic seal on the label. Normally every brewer flaunts that aspect, but they think it’s normal. The disadvantage of an organic produce seal is that breweries often focus too much on it and forget about their product. Poppels doesn’t.

Kristof’s favorite beer: “Sour Fruit Ale Strawberry, a 4.5% strawberry sour. You can taste the real and natural taste of the strawberry, enhanced by fresh acidity in the beer. I’m also from the Belgian fruit region, so I should know! These aromas bring spring and summer into your glass.”

Joos’ favorite beer: “The 8% DIPA. Some beers in that style are too clumsy and heavy-handed, but this is never the case with Poppels. All flavors are there, but it remains easily digestible.”

You also know them from:

  • Passion Pale Ale
  • Their annual Barrel Aged Stout
  • Imperial NEIPA

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