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Schneeeule + Analog

Schneeeule Brauerei

Berlin, Germany

Who? Schneeeule is a brewery from Berlin that resurrects the traditional Berliner Weisse: a unique style that almost went extinct, very low in alcohol, fresh acidity and almost infinite storage potential. The eccentric, but oh so warm Ulrike (Uli) and Andreas are the driving forces behind Schneeeule and recently their side project Analog, where mainly fresh beers such as IPAs are made.

Why us? Uli and Andreas swim against the current, but deliver a fantastic product. Their story of preserving almost lost brewing traditions is credible and oozing with enthusiasm. A clear vision, and we are very happy to tag along for the ride.

Kristof’s favorite beer: “Marlene, a 3% Berliner Weisse. That beer is kind of like Orval: you can drink it young, older, or even very old. A genuine taste evolution that never disappoints me.”

Joos’ favorite beer: “Yasmin, a Berliner Weisse with jasmin flowers at 3.5%. With this flavor bomb, Schneeeule proves that they are the undisputed champions of low-alcoholic beers.”

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